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Where can you find Bazoches-du-Morvan ?

Bazoches in winter

Bazoches-du-Morvan, where the webmaster owns a tiny house, is a very delightful village which can be found at the north Nièvre départment (58), at 10 km in the south from Vézelay (Yonne) which is itself from about 200 km in the south from Paris. The village stays inside of the Morvan Regional Nature Park borders (in english). For the last return of population, 198 inhabitants were still living in the village. This one is known to have been, since 1675, the Maréchal Vauban's seigniory (1633-1707) who was the famous War minister of Louis the fourteenth. His mortal remains lies inside the church of Bazoches. His middle-age castle (in english), kept in repair by his own line of descents, is still existing. The foundations date from the 12th century. It is partially open to the people from the 25th of march to the 5th of november.

Bazoches's Castle

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